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The choice of eateries in and around Carcassonne is almost beyond belief. We leave a few guide books in the house to try to help you.  There are three main choices of location: The Cite, downtown Carcassonne and the surrounding villages. Each offer price and quality ranges from the very simple to top gastronomic cuisine.


In the tourist heart of La Cite, the choice is huge with many very inexpensive menus available. The main eating square is full of competing restaurants. If you sit outside in the lovely shade you will normally be sitting next to someone who is at a different restaurant so do not choose what they are eating!


Beyond this square is Rue du Plo with a couple of very pleasant places, le 5 and a fun snack and drinking place with a great atmosphere le Bar a Vins.


Top restaurants in La Cite include Le Donjon, Compte Roger and the retaurant of the Hotel de la Cite (all a bit more pricey than above).

Near home is the Domaine d’Auriac and its gourmet restaurant Bernard Regaudis for those wanting a real treat and the much more reasonably priced Domaine de Cavanac a few kilometres to the south in Cavanac. Of course the town of Carcassonne also has some great eating experiences and we have given a few links. One favourite is Le Clos des Framboisiers, Hard to find but a truly “different” and good experience.


Further afield our experience has mostly been at the side of the Canal du Midi (simply because we love the canal). You must book at  Le Moulin de Trebes just a fifteen minute ride from home. Eating at Le Somail is also fun. A place you will not just happen upon but is well worth the detour just for the peace and tranquility is Le Chat qui Peche near Argeliers (See the photo map).